Monday, April 4, 2016

California Homestudy for International Adoption and Group Projects

We are in the final phase of our homestudy...getting it approved!  Eeck!

I thought I would not be a basket case about paperwork. In fact, we totally rock the paperwork. We had appointments and our own paperwork scheduled and done in no time!  It was waiting on everyone else that is super frustrating.

Scheduling a social worker, waiting for those days to come, waiting on the write up etc. Ugh.  It feels like one giant group project where I was so excited and did my portion quickly and now am waiting on everyone else. THIS is the kind of reason people hate group projects. None the less I need those letters reports etc. I did my part and we are trying to be patient. To remember each day is it's own wonderful new day and things will happen with time.

On a plus side, each time we got a referral letter back it was a joy to read and a bit humbling as well. People said so many amazing things about us and our family I felt like I was getting one of those warm fuzzies back in school.  I'd be all stressed out and then I'd get a breathe of fresh air as a new one would come back in the  mail. I asked them this favor and got such a huge reward of a beautiful recommendation in return.  I know they were all happy to do it but it did feel a teensy bit selfish...come on folks write how awesome we are are~!

We now are down to literally just the homestudy write up and the Apostilles to come back.
Our CA homestudy was easy peasy. The only recommendation I read online was a very good detailed approach from a lady doing one for Foster care. We are not doing Foster Adoption (and no we asked but the county won't work with us BECAUSE we are military. True story. We asked!  Many of our friends were told the same.)  Anyway, her posts on it were super informative and I was pretty worried because we were given ZERO guidelines for the first appointment.
How do you prepare with no guidelines. Come on folks...where is my grading rubric!! My inner teacher was freaking out.

I didn't have to worry. I keep a very clean and organized house. Due to the fact we have a specific age range and no match, nor the need to be matched via the Foster Care system we were all good. Our house passed first visit.  HOORAY!!

What are we waiting for now. Well, we had additional visits for interviews with us and the kids.  The kids didn't really have to say much.  They hung around us the whole time anyway so I think he got a good feel for them already, then just asked them a few basic questions about how they felt about adoption and about themselves.

Bones and I had more detailed questions but for the most part we were just chatting with a friend.  Nothing to worry about, just like they tell you.

What's the hold up..  They tell us now we wait for the whole report to be written up. We expect news any minute (  We will get to see the report and the homestudy company as well as our adoption agency will both have to approve it before it gets that final signature and notary.  Ugh.  Apparently, sending it person to person could take weeks, plus I need the Apostille. I am praying that the last few weeks of meticulousness to finish the report will mean we pass the Colombian seal of approval first look. No additional changes needed.

I'm not sure how I will feel about waiting once the dossier is submitted. I'd like to think more positive since we all will have  done are part and will hopefully be contacted with a match, but maybe I'm kdding myself and I'll be just as anxious.  I suspect, despite my optimism, that I'm kidding myself and I'll be just as anxious.

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